7 Business Hacks That Made Me $10 Million In My 20's

In this video I talk about the incredibly important things that have helped me do my first $10 Million in Sales in less than 3 years.

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1. Control Your Mornings:
Create a morning routine to help more effectively control your mindset.
Become proactive, not reactive.

Book: "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

2. Simplify:
Most business owners and entrepreneurs try to focus on too many things at once, nothing gets the attention it deserves. This causes the business to suffer. Focusing on just one product, on one core competency, allows you to do things the right way the first time around. Which in turn, will give you better results, deliver better products or services, and make better and more meaningful connections with your customers.

Just remember: Simplicity is Key to Scale.

3. Understanding What A CEO Is Responsible For:
The CEO is responsible for capital and asset allocation in a business.

How to do this effectively and efficiently?
Hire an amazing assistant that can help you with tasks and hiring to get you out of working in the business.

4. Find Great People:
You know, as most entrepreneurs do, that a business is only as good as its people. People are key assets for your business. Your people champion your business and determine the success or failure of it.

Together, the vision, mission and core values provide direction for everything that happens in your business. They keep everyone focused on where the organization is going and what it is trying to achieve.

One of our main core values at 0 Percent is – "ABG" which means ALWAYS BE GROWING!

5. Promote, Promote, Promote:
How are people going to buy from you, if they don't know you?
"If they don't know you, they cannot flow you... they won't do business with you" - Grant Cardone

Need to become a marketing and sales beast!
The oxygen of the business is the money coming in, so you need to really focus on marketing and sales.

6. Catch And Feed Trends:
Find a trend that is blowing up, become a business that helps the trend.
Feed the trend, supporting businesses that feed the trends.

7. Make Objective Decisions:
Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is an essential process for any business owner or entrepreneur to understand. Be sure to base your decisions on the financials, which will ultimately help scale the business.

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