#68 The 8 Good Behaviours of a Manager, with Nina Sunday

Google’s now famous Project Oxygen started as ‘The Manager Project’. The PiLab (People and Innovation Lab) Team researched questions such as:

How do managers impact team performance?
Do managers matter?
How can we create amazing managers, not just competent ones?

Comments in the annual Google Great Manager Award nominations were analyzed, as well as thousands of surveys and performance reviews.

A set of 8 (plus more recently another 2, making 10) good behaviors common among high-scoring managers was identified.

In this episode, find out the finer details of the 8 Good Behaviors of a Manager:

· how to empower others by expanding their capabilities

· the difference between a manager and a leader

· how to give performance feedback using the BFIR model

· become willing and able to handle difficult conversations

· how to cultivate a sense of mission and shared vision

· how to inspire continuous improvement and innovation


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