6 Resume Mistakes to Avoid ATS Rejection & Application Denials | Resume Don'ts to Get Interviews

Hey y'all hey!

Writing a resume is one of those things that seems like it's something you can do quick, fast, and in a hurry.

How hard can listing your jobs and throwing in a few bullet points about what you’ve done be?

Actually - extremely which is why resume writers exist!

When my clients come to me it’s for a few reasons:

- They haven't been getting any interviews
- Their inbox is filled with rejection emails
- They've only had a handful of interviews and none of them have resulted in an offer

And typically once I take a look at their current resume I see why.

- Some exceed 2 pages
- Others begin with cringey objective statements
- The rest are not targeted and give "general resume" vibes

I've written well over 700 resumes as a professional resume writer and I've seen all kinds of mistakes, but these are by far the worst and the most common.

I made this video to keep you from making these 6 common resume mistakes.

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