6 Big Trends in Accelerating Talent Development and the Actions You Can Take Today

Every day it seems we get new data highlighting the challenges facing HR and L&D leaders. We’re all familiar with the alarming stats about the great resignation, talent wars, skills half-life, hybrid working, equity needs and rapid digitization—and most leaders recognize that developing skilled talent is a vital solution to these challenges.

Join us for a lively discussion with Jen Collins and Michelle Vock Laboy about the most compelling trends from 100s of conversations with leaders. We’ll share actionable skill and talent development strategies you can put in place today and talk about how we can leverage all of our resources and sunk investments in the most efficient way so every employee builds the right skills for today and tomorrow.

Key Take-aways:

- 6 compelling trends in talent development
- 5 strategies to apply today to accelerate talent development.
- How you can align employee development demands with company strategic needs
- Discover how more of your employees can gain access to deep, intensive programs.
- Learn how to meet shifting skill demands quicker, and more effectively.
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