#593: How to Approach Performance Reviews For Software Engineers

An employee’s performance is crucial to the success of any company, and reviews are a great way of capturing and defining the performance of your professional staff. If you’re a software engineer, chances are high that most of your performance review will be related to your technical skills.

As companies get bigger, supervisors get tenser about the whole process. They are afraid to lose anyone even though they know their current team can handle it. A performance review should be a win-win experience wherein goals are set, goals are achieved and both parties walk away feeling motivated about each other and the future ahead.

If you’re a manager or leader of software teams, making sure your people are getting the feedback they need is vital.

More info about navigating performance reviews, earn raises, and more by leveraging actionable data from your performance review. : https://dev.co/performance-reviews/#How-to-Approach-Performance-Reviews

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