5 Tips To Pass Your EPIK Interview - Lesson Demonstration | Teaching English In South Korea 2022

Hey everyone!

This video is provides advice on how to pass the lesson demonstration part of the EPIK interview. It's a super short, yet super important part of the interview, and I have every confidence that you'll ace it :)

For those of you that are new here:
Hello! My name is Alex and I'm currently an English Teacher at 2 elementary schools in Daegu, South Korea, as part of EPIK. I'm originally from Manchester, UK, and have made this channel to capture my life in South Korea and provide insight in to the EPIK process!

As always, if you have any question regarding life in South Korea, EPIK, or even myself - don't hesitate to ask me a question on Instagram or via email.

Instagram: itsalexmark
Email: [email protected]

Thanks for watching!

*Side note - sorry for speaking so fast in this video (!?) That's NOT gorgeous girl behaviour!!!*
Have a gorgeous day :)
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