5 Things You MUST DO Before Starting the Job Search Process

Are you about to start the job search process? On the hunt for a new job?
If so, then STOP and watch this video! I've got 5 things you MUST do before you begin the job search.
I've got 3 quick tips for you and then 2 tips that are necessary but may take a little more time and effort than the first 3.


How to Write a MASTER Resume: https://youtu.be/QyuHNWTVEoU
How to Write a TAILORED Resume: https://youtu.be/ll0c8eL692U
How to use LinkedIn for your Job Search: https://youtu.be/nomZGx_nfpc
How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile: https://youtu.be/mH-Eck44UXo
O*Net: The Key to Your Job Search Success: https://youtu.be/0qiwOJaJJ8Y
Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview: https://youtu.be/8LwveoDO_M8

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