5 Terrifying Things We Learned From the LuLaRoe Documentary

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Amazon Prime just came out with a new docuseries called LuLaRich! This documentary chronicles the rise and fall of an MLM company called LuLaRoe (ya know, the one that sells hideous leggings that fall apart at the seams!) I watched the series at least three times, it was THAT good! In my video today I wanted to go over some of the most terrifying things that I learned about LuLaRoe from watching the LuLaRich documentary. What has come out about this company is seriously crazy!

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00:00: Intro
05:55: Recruits Were Asked to Sell Their Breast Milk
08:28: Mark and Deanne’s Family Control Everything
13:00: LuLaRoe Artists Were Stealing From Other Designers
16:10: LuLaRoe Wants Women to be Submissive
20:28: DeAnne Wanted Consultants to Get Weight Loss Surgery
23:33: Conclusion

Report MLM False Health or Income Claims Here: https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/

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