5 Steps to Shine in Your Job Search

There is a great opportunity for you to shine in your search for your next better job.
Here is what the job search winners do: They take each aspect of the search process seriously, from constructing their value brand statement and customizing their resume to acing the telephone, video, and onsite interviews. They are purposeful in their preparation for each phase. Surprisingly, most jobseekers do not understand, or don’t seem to care, that this is what it takes to succeed.
Here is my advice:
1. Inventory your skills. Write an explanation of your value.
2. Invest in your resume but remember to customize it for each submission
3. Buy a decent halo light and be sure your computer camera is at eye level.
4. Anticipate the interview questions and rehearse and rehearse some more.
5. Sell yourself and have a killer closing statement.
That’s how you win the job.
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