5 Step Approach To Passing Any Technical Interview!

5 step approach to passing any technical interview!

In this episode of the Open Source Cafe, I had a chat with Joe Karlsson from SingleStore where we discussed our experiences with technical interviews and shared some tips for you to ace yours!

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About the guest: Joe Karlsson (He/They) is a Database Engineer turned Developer Advocate (and massive data nerd) currently working at SingleStore. He empowers developers to think creatively when building applications with a massive amount of data, through demos, blogs, videos, or whatever else developers need. Joe's career has taken him from building out database best practices and demos for MongoDB, architecting and building one largest eCommerce websites in North America at Best Buy, and teaching at one of the most highly-rated software development boot camps on Earth. Joe is also a TEDx Speaker, film buff, and avid TikToker and Tweeter.

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0:00 About Stream
0:50 Intro
3:00 About Showwcase
4:06 Joe’s favorite way to evaluate a candidate
7:44 Preparation strategy for coding interview
9:04 Which programming language to use
11:38 How to approach a problem during an interview
14:58 Importance of Data Structures and Algorithms
18:36 About Datree
19:07 How to use coding websites
23:47 Importance of mock interviews
25:45 How to give the final test
27:49 Outro
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