5 Essentials of a Smart Factory Series - Essential Principle #5: Employee Empowerment

The term Smart Factory creates visions of robots, wifi devices, streaming data, and digital displays. But the one image Smart Factory usually does not conjure is that of the face of your employee’s, but it should, and here’s why. Of all the smart devices there are on the market, none are smarter than the brains of your employee’s.
The final, and by no means least important, essential for a Smart Factory is the empowered employee.
For years, those of us in manufacturing have dreamed a vision of the utopian plant floor where workers, technology and machinery all come together to seamlessly produce products. Sharing this vision and then empowering workers to make it happen will be the catalyst your company needs to turn this dream into reality.
With the advent of cloud computing technology, the proliferation of mobile devices on the plant floor, and advanced software design techniques like that found in social media, today’s factory employees have all the tools they need to become the absolute best source for data of what is actually happening on the shop floor.
Having the right information, collected by the right people with the right Smart Factory devices will give your organization the clear path to take action on that data and continuously improve your business now and into the future.
Search for the worlds best-in-class manufacturing factories and discover a list of companies that have empowered their employees to drive change and improve their processes. Empowerment in the improvement process is and will always be an essential part of your company’s success story. And involving them in the Smart Factory journey is no different.
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