5 Big Questions: Peter Boghossian, Former Professor Who Resigned in Protest

Former Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian has a message for America about the state of higher education: “There is no hope. We need to build parallel institutions.”

Boghossian called out his former employer in a stunning resignation letter which detailed a years-long string of abuses he suffered in retaliation for supporting the free exchange of ideas. He faced harassment and false accusations of misconduct, along with a whisper campaign by fellow faculty members who told students not to take his classes.

His decision to resign came after a discussion with a university administrator in which the administrator spoke proudly of the university’s poor free speech ranking. Boghossian says of the restrictions on speech, “This was not a bug of the ideology, this was a feature of it. This was a good thing. And that was really the last straw…at that moment, I made up my mind.”

Watch the full video above.

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