5 19 22 Webinar: 2022 Trends in Employment Law and What it Means for Your Employment Agreements

State legislatures across the country have been busy this year proposing legislation that could have significant impacts on companies’ agreements with their employees. The federal government has likewise been active in taking steps to protect employees and promote a competitive labor market. In this webinar, we’ll discuss developments in three hot areas of employment law: non-disclosure, non-competition/non-solicitation, and arbitration. We’ll also talk about what companies can be doing to prepare for upcoming changes in the law.

You will learn:
Trends in non-disclosure, restrictive covenant, and arbitration law at the state and federal level
Specific changes in the law and proposed legislation that will affect employers’ agreements with employees
How companies can prepare for rapid changes in employment law

Speakers: Ryan Parker, Adam Wright, Josh Baca
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