4Player Podcast #703: Screw Bobby Kotick

As the years winds to a close, we start to delve into all the fun conversations that come with the Holiday season. With 'The Game Awards' scheduled to air next week, we talk about the nominees and rattle off an extensive list of games that may or may not make their debut at the big show. As always, take it all with a grain of salt and prepare yourself for some level of disappointment. In the second segment, we also run through impressions of Shakedown Hawaii, The Forgotten City, Metal Gear Solid 4, and more!

0:00 | Video Start

8:44 | The Game Awards 2021 Predictions (Part 1)
1:17:00 | The Game Awards 2021 Predictions (Part 2)

1:39:32 | Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4
1:44:01 | Ed’s Games (Metroid Dread, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
1:52:08 | Shakedown Hawaii
2:00:48 | The Forgotten City

1:08:11 | Brad Check In (12/2/21)

2:07:36 | The 4Player Minute

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