4J School Board Meeting – May 18, 2022

Eugene School District 4J school board meeting on May 18, 2022.
00:00 Video Start
00:11 Meeting Begins
02:48 Agenda Review
14:21 Superintendent's Report
16:13 Comments by Board Chair
21:50 Reports from High School Student Representatives
24:44 Comments by Community Members
54:00 Recess
1:10:20 Return from Recess
1:18:33 Comments by Employee Groups
1:22:33 Comments by Individual Board Members
1:51:30 Consent Agenda
1:55:46 **Items for Information**
1:55:49 Receive an Update on Career Technical Education (CTE)
2:23:41 Receive an Update on North Region Planning for 850 Howard
3:00:18 **Items for Action**
3:00:23 Consider Revisions to Board Policies GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity, IGBB – Talented and Gifted Program, and JFCJ – Weapons in Schools (Consider Adoption of Board Policy KGBB – Firearms Prohibited is postponed to June 22)
3:09:53 **Item for Action at a Future Meeting**
3:09:54 Consider for Adoption Elementary Language Arts Curriculum
4:19:51 Item for Action (Added): Approve Holding Hearing of a Complaint in Open Session
4:21:02 Item for Information (Added): Discuss Designating a Board Member to Negotiate Superintendent Contract
4:40:13 Suggestions for Consideration of Items at a Future Meeting
4:47:22 Meeting Concludes

The meeting agenda and materials are available at https://meetings.boardbook.org/Public/Agenda/1549?meeting=530067.
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