44. How this CMO helped create a category and make some noise

David Cannington, CMO, Co-founder and Executive Director at Nuheara shares the remarkable journey of how this hearables company is disrupting an industry.

Nuheara has won; Times Magazine 100 Best Innovations in 2020 Award; Company of the Year by Consumer Technology Association (who run CES) 2021; and an Innovation Oz award 2021.

We discuss:
• David’s fascinating background including the role he played during his 20yrs in San Francisco, helping Aussie and New Zealand tech companies enter the US market
• How David and Co-founder Justin Miller saw the opportunity to create a new market category in consumer hearables
• How they’ve used elements of The Lean Startup and The Innovator’s Dilemma in their disruptive market strategy
• The challenges of scaling the business and taking on giants like Apple and Amazon
• How David has built a world-class in-house marketing team, complemented with specialist agencies
• How Nuheara’s multi-channel strategy has paid off with seven global Shopify sites, complemented with a retail play
• The importance of a test and learn, digital marketing strategy in E-commerce
• The importance of focusing on your customers and why David talks with at least two customers every week to stay in touch
• How they bring customer insights back to product development
• The power of authentic storytelling and testimonials
• Finally, we explore how Nuheara uses speed to innovate and speed to market as a competitive advantage.

David is a seasoned international sales and marketing executive with experience across consumer and technology sectors. David cut his teeth launching new consumer products in the UK and building global consumer brands in Australia.

David has also advised many startups on go-to-market and growth strategies and was the founding CEO of ANZA Technology Network, a leading cross-pacific technology entrepreneurs network.

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• Times Magazine 100 Best Inventions of 2020 https://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2020/5911342/iqbuds-max/
• Nuheara names Company of the Year by Consumer Technology Association 2021
• Nuheara wins Innovation Oz Award 2021
• Podcast - Hidden Brain

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Find out more about Nuheara: https://www.nuheara.com/

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