403 | Adult Study Hall Wins: Accelerating Your Job Search

If you’re on a job-hunt but don’t know where to start, Adult Study Hall by ADHD reWired is the place to be! Listen in as a few members in one of our popular Adult Study Hall Plus (ASH+) sessions share their wins while looking for their next job.

You’ll hear about feedback from mock-interview sessions, identifying your dream-job and your skills, why some members decided to join our ASH+ Career Accelerator facilitated session, and overcoming a job loss and moving forward to the career they could truly thrive in.

Go to https://www.adultstudyhall.com to sign up and join our Career Accelerator Session every week! To access this session and all of our Adult Study Hall sessions, including our drop-in room that’s open 24/7, visit adultstudyhall.com. It’s free for the first week and only $19.99 a month after that!

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