383 TIP. Exposing Bad Companies w/ Edwin Dorsey

How to expose a bad company? Trey Lockerbie chats with the brilliant Edwin Dorsey, writer of the popular newsletter The Bear Cave, who takes us on a ride, exploring the dark side of the stock market. Edwin first gained massive attention after he successfully exposed Care.com for an unimaginable amount of negligence that ultimately led to the collapse of the stock.

00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Exposing Bad Companies Like Care.com
05:52 - Shorting On Stock
06:26 - Where To Look For Inside Trading?
07:47 - PACER
09:19 - FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act
11:51 - Root Insurance Company
14:51 - Net Promoter Score Metric Of A Company
18:18 - Has There Been A Turn Around On The Tech Side Of Root Insurance Company
19:07 - Wild Story Of Ageagle Aerial Systems (UAVS)
22:03 - Ageagle Aerial Systems Billion Dollar Company With 11 Employees?
24:05 - How To Filter Out Stocks To Write About?
26:36- What Is Driving Edwin Dorsey To Research The Short Side/Dark Side Of Stock Market?
28:03 - Is Edwin Dorsey Interested In Companies That Have A High Level Of Interest?
30:33 - Background Checking On Company Leadership
33:21 - Using SEC Full Text Search Tool
36:43 - The First Tool Edwin Dorsey Pull Up To Audit A Company
40:35 - Engagement Partner Of Firms That Are Falling
42:44 - Is Reddit on Edwin Dorsey’s Radar?
45:47 - Should This Be Added To Your Personal Investing Approach?

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