375 | What is Savings Rate and How to Calculate It?

In this week's episode, Brad and Jonathan continue along their, "Financial Independence A to Z," journey by examining savings rate and the many different ways it can be calculated! One of the pillars that sets the FI community apart is the emphasis on saving money in order to unlock more in your life. So, by having the right tools needed to calculate your savings rate, you can begin to make adjustments and hopefully start the process of taking back your time!


0:59 - Introductions 4:30 - Ben's Question 7:41 - How Do You Calculate Your Savings Rate? 12:00 - Why Savings Rate Is Important 18:25 - Nuances In Saving 21:55 - Calculation Example 28:15 - Scenario Three 37:57 - Looking At The Nuances 46:56 - Conclusion

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