35+ Top NodeJS Interview Questions | Freshers/Experienced

NodeJS Interview Questions for Freshers/Intermediates/Experienced
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Beginner Node.js Interview Questions
1. What is a first class function in Javascript?
2. What is Node.js and how it works?
3. How do you manage packages in your node.js project?
4. How is Node.js better than other frameworks most popularly used?
5. Explain the steps how “Control Flow” controls the functions calls?
6. What are some commonly used timing features of Node.js?
7. What are the advantages of using promises instead of callbacks?
8. What is fork in node JS?
9. Why is Node.js single-threaded?
10. How do you create a simple server in Node.js that returns Hello World?
11. How many types of API functions are there in Node.js?
12. What is REPL?
13. List down the two arguments that async.queue takes as input?
14. What is the purpose of module.exports?
15. What tools can be used to assure consistent code style?

Intermediate Node.js Interview Questions
16. What do you understand by callback hell?
17. What is an event-loop in Node JS?
18. If Node.js is single threaded then how does it handle concurrency?
19. Differentiate between process.nextTick() and setImmediate()?
20. How does Node.js overcome the problem of blocking of I/O operations?
21. How can we use async await in node.js?
22. What is node.js streams?
23. What are node.js buffers?
24. What is middleware?
25. Explain what a Reactor Pattern in Node.js?
26. Why should you separate Express app and server?
27. For Node.js, why Google uses V8 engine?
28. Describe the exit codes of Node.js?
29. Explain the concept of stub in Node.js?

Advanced Node.js Interview Questions
30. What is an Event Emitter in Node.js?
31. Enhancing Node.js performance through clustering.
32. What is a thread pool and which library handles it in Node.js
33. What is WASI and why is it being introduced?
34. How are worker threads different from clusters?
35. How to measure the duration of async operations?
36. How to measure the performance of async operations?

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