343 Employee Responds to the TOXIC Backlash with EXCUSES in Halo Infinite...

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343 Just Released MAJOR News for Halo Infinite's Lack of Content...
Huge Issue is how they Handle CUSTOMIZATION in Halo Infinite...CROSS CORE CUSTOMIZATION is NEEDED in Halo Infinite!Halo Infinite's Shop and Microtransactions are AWFUL & MISLEADING "Level 99 for GRAY"343 Responds to CHEATERS in Halo Infinite...Serious HACKING Issues in Halo Infinite...Exposing a HACKER using AIMBOT in Halo Infinite...343 making changes to FIX Halo Infinites Progression a Step into the RIGHT Direction...343 listening to Us a First Sign of CHANGE in Halo Infinite...343 leaks All SECRET Armor in Halo Infinite "Unreleased Skins" 343 WTF...are we getting Changes in Halo Infinite Dec 8th Launch Update? 343i Next 3 Event Pass Items LEAKED in Halo Infinite...I Ranked ALL WEAPONS in Halo Infinite as an Onyx Player "BEST WEAPON?" Huge News Halo Infinite SMASHING Records...343 Increasing Microtransactions Cost DAILY in Halo Infinite "$15 for BLUE?!" The New Weapon Variants are CRAZY in Halo Infinite...Gamers are Disappointed in Halo Infinite and leaving...343 leaks $1000 Microtransactions in Halo Infinite season 1...343 Responds to Microtransactions in Halo Infinite...Halo Infinite First Event Fracture Tenrai is a MISTAKE...microtransactions are ruining halo infinite multiplayer. Could halo infinite be a cash grab? this didn't age well for halo infinite! halo infinite become trailer was alright. halo infinite monetization is awful to have in the game. Halo Infinite Launch Trailer and Halo Infinite Anubis soon too

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