334 Showing your office PRIDE with Ryan Rutar, RDH and Jen Kopp, RDH

On this episode of A Tale of Two Hygienists Andrew is joined in a roundtable format by Ryan Rutar, RDH and Jen Kopp RDH to talk about ways to celebrate PRIDE month in your office! Jen and Ryan share the struggles of being employed as a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and what you can do to be a supportive ally.

Special thanks to our guest co-host Stephanie Botts, RDH for joining this episode!

Interview Starts: 04:29.438

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Episode Highlights


- Stonewall riots

- Celebrating in the office

- How you can show your support

- Right to work states

- Coming out

- Laws need to change

- Ethics vs. protecting the practice

- Advocating for students

- Human right sticker (FREE Link below)

- Pronouns

- Don’ts


“I have worked in very conservative offices, so I’ve never thought of asking my employer to support me.”

“I am liking this idea of owning, and asking for support.”

“I am a guest of the show and I’ve learned so much in the first 10 minutes.”

“The flyover states and bible belt conservative states are completely different from the West and East Coasts.”

“My friends who are POC say I am lucky that I can blend in because I am white, and she is absolutely right.”

“I am comfortable living in my sexuality, but I try not to draw attention to it.”

“I’ve let my work stand for itself, get to know my personality, and then you can know my personal life.”

“I do not associate with bigotry, I won’t put myself in a situation if I feel I am going to be hit with animosity.”

“We are just asking to be treated the same.”

“Judge me on my character, not my sexuality.”

“We need to cover the basic hierarchy of needs, not worrying that you are going to be kicked out of your house, or lose your job and not be able to support yourself.”

“We are worried we are going to make our elder patients uncomfortable. We want to be ourselves, but we don’t want to make people uncomfortable. We have to make a decision if we are going to be honest or not.”

“I was with a practice for 8 years and I only told a handful of patients, and that was after being in the office for 6 years.”

“I want to make sure I am respecting your boundaries, is there a pronoun you prefer.”

“The human rights sticker shows that you stand for equal care for all patients.”

“Live your truth, the right people will hear it.”

“Do NOT ask a same sex couple who is the man and who is a woman, I laugh, but inside I want to punch you in the face.”


Get your FREE Human Rights Campaign Sticker: https://act.hrc.org/page/12937/data/1?locale=en-US

Find Ryan on Facebook or at https://www.pearlywhiteprevention.com/

Jen Kopp on Facebook or via email: [email protected]

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