332: Challenge to write out goals and actions and sharing with a friend | Path to Warren Podcast 332

Good morning, Path to Warren
This is Matt Warren.
Hope you're having a wonderful day so far.
Wanted to share with you the
results of yesterday's high five challenge.
High five three people at work.
And it was great.
So yesterday we talked about in the podcast, we talked about
trying to high five as many people as you can.
And after you've high fived yourself, there's
this little dopamine rush, the feeling that
feels good after you high fived yourself.
And it works.
It really works.
I was able to just be in a great mood and
we had a lot of good cases coming in the door.
We finished a new engineer.
We have a fire protection engineer that just started and
we finished her resume and got it all finished up.
It was just a very good busy day.
And I think the attitude of coming in
as high five and coworkers really help things.
Also, I wanted to give an update on
I told you yesterday that I've started sending
my action partner a text with five goals.
So I'm listing out five once.
I want this, I want that listing out
these five goals and also giving three actions
that I'm going to do for the day.
And what's amazing is last night before I went
to bed, it was like 8:15pm or so.
Yeah, it was about 815.
I put our daughter to bed.
She went to sleep surprisingly early.
At 8:00pm, I read her a book and she fell asleep.
Before I finished the first chapter, I went downstairs.
I was about to get in bed myself and
be like, oh, man, I'm getting to bed early.
However, I remember because my action partner sent a bookend
that he had done book in two and three
with a checkmark that he had done those.
And so I was like, I need to do my bookends.
I need to do my action items.
And so I went ahead and I knocked out all three.
One of them was to make a new goal card.
I've got a new card that looks like a business
card size that I'm going to take to the local
FedEx Kinkos and get laminated on my lunch break today.
But this goal card was bookend number one.
Bookend number two was to work 15 minutes on the
two by two website, which is my parents boat website design.
I just wanted to work 15 minutes on that.
If I could commit to 15 minutes
a day, it'll make great progress.
Then the third thing was to update this
website for the Charleston Claims Association that I'm
on the board of directors for.
I'm the Secretary for I did as far as
I could on that last night as well.
And I sent all three bookends.
And it just makes me feel good to do those things.
And it's amazing because I'm only doing them for the checkmark
to be able to send back to my action partner that I
did these things that I said I was going to do.
And there's something very valuable about not over
committing to a list of seven things, but
just putting down the top three actions that
I want to take for that day.
And then I can go ahead and
list out five things that I want.
It's like we said yesterday, shooting
up these Rockets of intentions.
My intention is to have a bank account
with X amount of dollars in it.
My intention is to have a house blank.
All of these intentions, my goals, the universe is going to
line up these goals if we at least know what the
goals are. For a lot of people, step one is just
to realize and figure out what the goal is.
So writing those down every day I'm
really excited about because it's going to
manifest and turn into fulfill our dreams.
It was a great day this morning.
I went to the body pump class 06:00 a.m..
It's really cold outside, like 27 deg.
Not a lot of people in there.
They're about half a dozen today.
But I got up at 4:45am.
I did my third step prayer on my knees.
I made some tea, I got some hot tea.
And then I sat down and
I did five minutes of meditation.
I followed that with reading in six books.
I've got six books that I'm working on.
The first one is Think and Grow Rich.
I'm reading that again for the
second time through Think and Grow Rich.
And then I went into my private
pilot's handbook, making great progress on that,
learning about takeoffs and how to use.
You're supposed to use full power on takeoff
because there could be overheating if you're not
using full power, learning a little bit every
day on the private pilot front.
Then I read into a Grant Cardone, Sell or Be Sold
book I read in a High Impact Leader book.
I read in the secret. What's it called?
Marketing Secrets book by Russell Brunson.
So it's a great book.
That's my favorite book.
I always save my favorite book for last.
That way I make sure I get to it.
But I only read a page a day in
all those books and I've shared about this before,
but that practice really helps me a lot.
So it's going to be a great day today.
Tell yourself it's going to be a
great day and give somebody a half.
Write your goals down.
Write three actions that you're going to do today.
Text it to somebody that can hold you accountable.
Hope you have a wonderful day and remember,
as Mama always says, make your contribution.
Have a great day.
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