33: How to Systemize Your Business Like a Pro with Brian Krause

Welcome to Episode 33 of the The Intentional Entrepreneur!

In this episode, Brian Krause and I discuss How to scale by documenting processes.
So if you want to learn why you should document your processes, when you should start writing things down, and why SOPs work during Covid-19, tune in now!

In this episode, you'll discover:
* Avoiding the single person trap
* Overcoming mental block of doing it yourself faster vs. documenting process
* Easier to update process vs. starting new
* Hiring a freelancer before hiring an employee
* Creating a consistent client experience

About Brian
Brian Krause is an expert in systemizing businesses whose accomplishments include:
* Former video game designer
* Former audio engineer
* Video producer

More Information
Learn more about how you can systemize your business with https://www.brevityinspired.com/
Systemizing Your Business Links & Mentions From This Episode:

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