3 Tips for Japanese job interview by Recruiter / Getting a great job in Japan!

This video introduced “3 Tips” which another YouTube rare shows for the Japanese job interviews with example. Japanese interview tend to be difficult for the foreigners because the mindset or approval process is dissimilar with overseas.

If you input the information from my youtube, Japanese job interview wold be friendly with you more. HR professional will answer focusing on Japanese market!

0:25 Start 3 Tips for Japanese interview
1:12 Usual interview process in Japan
2:31 Not recommended “3” words (Tips)
9:20 What is another word to show what you want and avoid the consequence?

▷ HR Ninjapan
・Youtube Channel:Ninjapan / job info of Japan

・Why you fail the interview in Japan? HR recommends 5 tips for foreigners to work, Japan:https://youtu.be/u-AlVfmKTCY

・How much is the average salary in Japan?:https://youtu.be/zN40D2nC86w

・How to find a job in Japan? For foreigners.:https://youtu.be/g0Q43k45IV8

▷ Profile
・Worked as HR for around 10 years in Japan.
・Experienced the companies whose employees was from 5 to 50,000.

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