3 Non-Verbal Tips When Presenting Virtually for College Students

Want to learn how to ace your work presentations? Rutgers Communications major, Anushka Teckwani breaks down how she successfully presented in front of ALL of her department heads during her internship. Scary but well worth it! Taking the Public Speaking course boosted her confidence and now she wants to share with you by taking us through her process - from topic selection to presentation day. Along the way, she gives plenty of tips and tricks about non-verbal communication, virtual presentations, and more! Watch this to learn how you too can use strong body language to communicate confidently in virtual settings.

Anushka is a Rutgers University undergraduate majoring in Communications (concentrating on both Family & Relationships & Public Relations). She also tutors at the university's Writing Center. To learn more about her visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anushka-teckwani-3b0857223/
00:00 Intro - Being asked by internship supervisor to present in front of all managers
02:20 Value of public speaking class
02:54 Why choose non-verbal communication as your topic?
03:57 Top 3 Non-Verbal Communication Tips for Virtual Presentations
07:33 Confidence pre/during/post-presentation
09:19 How was content received by managers?
12:12 Message in a sentence
13:24 Recent self-care act
14:30 Message to 18-year-old self

This interview is part of a Student Interview Series I created (*with love and respect*) to uplift my college students' voices and offer a space to share how what we learn in class matters outside the classroom. We talk about Leadership, Public Speaking, Creativity, and Self-Care. https://www.youtube.com/c/tatianateaches

Shoutouts to Megha Mohandas https://www.linkedin.com/in/megha-mohandas for editing this story.

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