3 Executive Resume Mistakes You Might Still Be Making

Last week, I held a private 30-person Executive Mastermind where we did Group Executive Resume Critiques.

These brave souls offered up their resumes in a public group (although private among participants) for me to critique and give them specific feedback to improve their own resumes.

To be clear, this was a virtual room of accomplished, formidable-backgrounded senior leaders who did not shy away from tough feedback — because they knew it would make their resumes better.

So I did what I do. Told them what needed to be fixed.

And in many cases, the mistakes or items to be fixed were everyday fixes that you have seen listed in blogs, LinkedIn posts and Twitter feeds since social media and the internet were birthed.

These aren’t new mistakes. And people are still doing them.

Smart, accomplished people are still doing them.

What are those mistakes? Well, I list them in a short and sweet way in this video:

Let me know if you are doing any of these three in the comments below.

And if you want to watch my resume writing training, register for the on-demand session here:
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