3 Easy Ways To Holiday Mingle For Your Job Search

3 Easy Ways To Holiday Mingle For Your Job Search

The biggest myth in hiring is that the holidays slow hiring at the executive level.

Not true.

When I was an executive recruiter, November and December were often in my Top 3 billing months of the year.

I explain why in the video…

So unless you genuinely need a break, don’t slow down your job search efforts now…this is the best time to pick up the efforts because other senior-level candidates will WRONGLY assume it’s slow—so you are up against fewer people.

One way you can do that is to ramp up your holiday networking.

I give you 3 ways to do that in this video (which I haven’t seen published in the wild… so you will want to watch this…)

And if you like these tips and want more to help you get hired during the holidays, grab my “Get Hired During The Holidays” ebook using this link: https://gm125.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/Get-Hired-During-The-Holidays
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