23 Year Old Stars $75K/Month Mobile Car Detailing Business

Car detailing is one of the most profitable businesses, but this 23 year old is killing it! In the last 6 months he’s increased the revenue of his auto detailing company by 50%.

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Alan started GoDetail with only $500 to make some extra money. Today, his auto detailing business makes over $900K per year in revenue, with impressive 60% profit margins. Since we last talked to Alan, GoDetail revenue skyrocketed from $50K to $75K per month in the last 6 months. His methods work so well 1,500 car detailers have signed up for his course to learn how he’s achieved this phenomenal growth.

In this video, we’re following up with Alan to get his insights on a range of topics that will be useful for any business owner, not just those who own a car detailing business. We’ll learn his strategies for hiring and managing employees, how he uses commissions to build employee loyalty and their sense of ownership, his best practices for communicating with customers, and why it’s useful to have a CRM.

He’ll also talk about the detailing equipment that’s a must-have and why he uses Optimum No Rinse, along with sharing marketing insights, like his business card design, how he consistently gets 5-star ratings, and how to get a car detailing business to rank #1 on Google.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll learn something useful from this interview with Alan! And if you’re looking for more advice from business owners, check out some of our past interviews:

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00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Catching Up with Alan
02:15 - Where Alan Runs His Business
03:01 - Best Marketing Strategies
04:14 - How To Keep Employees Around Long Term
06:32 - The Key To Tremendous Success
07:52 - Trick To Attract New Customers
09:40 - Staying Organized with a Storage Hub
10:45 - Heading To A Mobile Detailing Job Site
11:35 - Grow Your Business TODAY
12:41 - How To Eliminate Water Spots on Cars
13:21 - Setting Yourself Up For Success
14:12 - How To Store Supplies in your Car
15:03 - Blitz Time with Alan
16:46 - The Strategic Hiring Process
18:59 - Systems and Processes
20:24 - When It’s Time To Expand the Team
21:48 - Most Difficult Transition
23:13 - Do’s and Don’t of Communication
24:20 - Best Way To Advertise
26:32 - How GoDetail Stands Out Over Competitors
27:28 - Differentiating Your Brand
28:38 - Processes You Need Before You Scale
29:34 - Goal Setting Tips
31:11 - Maximizing Social Platforms
32:35 - How To Find Great Talent
33:43 - Management Structure
34:24 - Balancing Work and Life
35:29 - What Alan Wish He Did
36:44 - Advice To Entrepreneurs

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