2023 JOB SEARCH TIPS FROM A REAL RECRUITER | E.110 Career Therapy Podcast, with Jenna Kimball

On this week's Career Therapy Podcast (e.110), we welcome Jenna Kimball to the conversation. Jenna is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Dentsu International, who helps nationwide clients and brands identify talent from entry level positions through C-Level roles in the marketing and media space. Jenna is also the author of Interview Like a Pro: How to Stop the Self-Sabotage and Get the Job You Deserve: which is available on Amazon - so go pick that up today!

In this episode, we discuss the Recruiter’s perspective on the job search when it comes to finding the right role for you, networking with the right people, showing up with the right presence in the interview, and negotiating the right pay. Jenna shares stories of imperfect candidates who still got the job and drops some wisdom on how to reframe your approach so that companies can’t wait to hire you.

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During this Episode, We Discuss:

1:35 Martin responds to a call-in question from a listener
8:44 Introducing Jenna Kimball
11:23 Why is the job search like therapy?
13:42 Why don’t we do the WORK of the job search?
17:46 How do you find GOOD advice for your resumé?
21:48 A realistic job search perspective
29:08 Skills are good for the job search AND your career
37:01 “Managing your presence”
40:41 What do recruiters actually mean in their questions?
46:47 How can people figure out GOOD recruiters?
55:28 How should you prioritize your job search
59:15 What should people AVOID in the job search?
1:02:21 Waiting to hear back from a recruiter
1:06:33 staying in touch with recruiters
1:12:56 Salary negotiation tips

Resources, links, and/or books mentioned in this episode:

Jenna’s Website

Interview Like a Pro: How to Stop the Self-Sabotage and Get the Job You Deserve

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