2022 - US Citizenship Interview Test | N400 Practice Interview with Mrs. Becerra

2022 - US Citizenship Interview Test | N400 Practice Interview with Mrs. Becerra
The applicant is windowed and retired. She is 63 years old and got the green card through her daughter.
- This Mock Interview based on an actual applicant's US naturalization interview experience. This video consists all of questions for a naturalization interview such as small talk, personal information, N400 questions, 100 civics questions, and English reading & writing test.
- The U.S History and Civics test has 10 questions that are taken from the USCIS list of 100 civics questions. You must correctly answer 6 out of the 10 questions to pass the Civics test. The officer will only ask you questions until you have 6 correct.
- After the Civics test the officer will give you the English reading and writing tests. You must read one sentence out loud to show you can read English. You must also write one sentence to show you can write English. You will get 3 chances to read and 3 chances to write one sentence correctly.

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