2022 ScholarSHPE Series: Building An Amazing Resume

Learn everything you need to know about writing a resume that gets noticed in a large pool of applications! Watching this webinar will not only walk you through the resume writing process for scholarships, but will also prove helpful in developing a resume that you can use for job hunting or graduate school applications.


About the Speaker: William Gonzalez is a SHPE Professional member who has been involved with SHPE for 9+ years, starting at the University of South Florida as a freshman in 2012. While at the University of South Florida William was able to help the chapter grow from 35 members to 120+ members. After his presidency at USF he began to volunteer with SHPE National, by supporting NILA and creating new workshops/events for the National Convention. His areas of focus for young professionals are Professional Development, Financial Acumen and Servant-Leadership skills. Today William works for Microsoft Corporation as a Customer Success Account Manager.
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