2022 Official Reading and Writing Tests (US Citizenship) USCIS, Sentences, Test, Become a US Citizen

This video will help you practice how to read and write correctly the official sentences for the USCIS Reading and Writing Tests.

For the reading test, a sentence will appear on the tablet and you need to read it.
You’re only required to read one sentence correctly to pass, and these sentences are questions that are related to American history and government that were formed using the official vocabulary list.

For the writing test, a sentence will be read aloud by the immigration officer and you need to write it on the tablet. Generally, the sentence that you write is the answer to the question you are asked to read during the reading test. However, you only need to write the question, but not to answer it in writing.

You can test yourself if you have mastered the Civics Test just by watching or listening to our Civics Test video playlist link:

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Most USCIS officers will not ask any definitions, although some will ask. However, you don't need to memorize them, you just need to understand these words, that's all! We have videos for you about Word Definitions, Vocabulary for the Naturalization Interview via the links below:

You can also check our community updates through this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/USCitizenshipHelpGuide/community, some of the new passers had shared their interview experiences that may help you too.

I would like to invite you to our Facebook group. The purpose of this group is to help each other in the naturalization application process. You can join our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/335985297922366

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If you shall not be able to write the dictated sentence correctly, the USCIS officer will dictate up to two additional sentences. So don’t worry, you still have two chances to get it right during your Naturalization Interview. As long as you will be able to write at least one of the three sentences correctly, you will pass the writing test.

This video will prepare you as an applicant for the dictation-based writing test, where you can practice the official vocabulary words in complete sentences. Using this dictation video can help you as an applicant pass the Naturalization Interview.

This educational video is for informational purposes only. The use of information contained in this video does not constitute any legal advice. Any reliance on the information contained herein is solely at the viewer’s own risk. We make the best effort to include up-to-date and accurate information in all our published videos. However, with the constant change of immigration laws, fees, regulations, forms, procedures and policies, then the information contained herein may no longer be correct. Kindly consult any authorized immigration law expert before you make any decisions or take any actions that might affect your U.S. immigration status.

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