2022 NAEA Women's Caucus Awards

Moderated by Drs. Kevin Jenkins and Adetty Pérez de Miles

Recipients of Women's Caucus Awards: the Kathy Connors Teaching Award, Carrie Nordlund preK-12 Feminist Pedagogy Award, Maryl Fletcher de Jong Service Award, Mary J. Rouse Award, and June King McFee Award, are introduced by their nominators. Each recipient shares a personal narrative that reflects their transformative teaching, research, and public engagements.

This year's recipients are Adriane Pereira, PhD (Kathy Connors Teaching Award) and Injeong Yoon-Ramirez (Maryl Fletcher de Jong Service Award).

00:00 Welcome and introduction to awards and Kathy Connors Teaching Award recipient
03:49 Nominator, Lisa Hochtritt, reads support letters for Adriane Pereira
14:15 Acceptance speech by Adriane Pereira
26:24 Moderators introduce Maryl Fletcher de Jong Award recipient
28:03 Nominator, Lisa Hochtritt, reads support letters for Injeong Yoon-Ramirez
38:56 Acceptance speech by Injeong Yoon-Ramirez
49:48 Members share in tribute to Dr. Elizabeth Delacruz
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