2022 Employment Law Update | 2022 New Labor Law Update

Each year brings fresh new wage and hour laws and legislation for businesses to track. Presented by Kristina Kourasis of LANDEGGER VERANO & DAVIS, ALC, and Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce, this video summarizes the 2022's California Labor Law Update to help your business to stay compliant with new employment law as you make your way into the new year!

This video is designed exclusively for California HR professionals, employers, and business owners. Watch to get updates on:

00:00 - 01:29 Introduction
01:29 - 05:00 Minimum Wage Increase
05:01 - 05:55 Meal Breaks (rounding is not allowed)
05:56 - 06:37 SB 62 - Garment Manufacturing Wage (piece rate is not allowed)
06:38 - 07:17 SB 657 - Electronic Distribution of Workplace Posters
07:18 - 08:08 SB 807 – Employer Record Retention (4 years)
08:09 - 08:46 AB 701 – Warehouse Distribution Centers to Disclose Quotas to Nonexempt Employees
08:47 - 09:55 AB 286 – Food Delivery Prices & Tips
09:56 - 11:06 AB 1003 – Wage Theft (include wages, tips, and benefits)
11:07 - 12:10 SB 639 – Minimum wages persons with disabilities
12:11 - 13:04 AB 1033 – CFRA Update Adding “Parent-in-Law”
13:05 - 13:30 AB 1506 – Expanded and Revised Independent Contractor Exemptions
13:31 - 14:40 SB 331 – “Silenced No More” – Limits to NDA & Settlement Agreements
14:41 - 15:24 SB 762 – Timing of Fees and Costs Due in Arbitration
15:25 - 15:49 COVID Paid Sick Benefits
15:50 - 18:36 Cal/OSHA ETS Requirements Exclusion Pay
18:37 - 20:17 Exclusion Pay & Paid Sick Leave
20:18 - 55:09 Questions and Answers (Q&A)
55:10 - 57:27 Conclusion

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