2021 Virtual Open House | Casa Loma Campus

George Brown College’s tour guide will help you get to know our Casa Loma Campus.

00:00 Welcome to Casa Loma Campus
00:43 Student Service Centres
01:25 Camp Stor
01:45 Career Centre
02:53 Tutoring and Learning Centre
04:00 Library Learning Commons
04:42 Athletics Centre
05:44 Student Association
06:23 Indigenous Student Centre
07:03 School of Computer Technology
07:17 School of Fashion
08:09 School of Construction and Engineering Technologies
08:53 Building Information Modelling Management Lab
09:04 BIM Visionarium
09:48 Smart Welding Lab
10:36 Advanced Electrical Lab
11:41 For More Information

Located in Toronto in the area of Dupont and Spadina, our Casa Loma Campus is home to schools under the Centre for Construction & Engineering Technologies, Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies, Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, and Continuing Education.

In addition to classroom and study spaces, this campus boasts an athletics facility, fitness centre, and a full Student Services Centre where you can get help with everything from admission to registration and tuition.

All George Brown campuses are easily accessible by TTC, and they are close to many nearby food options and city attractions.

Learn more about Casa Loma Campus: https://www.georgebrown.ca/about/campuses-locations/casa-loma

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