2021 Job Market - Job Search Advice from an Economist

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It’s no secret that the impacts of COVID-19 have been widespread and deeply devastating to the economy. The good news? We made it through 2020, and the U.S. labor market has recovered more than half its pandemic losses, according to Indeed's Hiring Lab.

In this virtual workshop, Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson explains the state of the job market as we begin 2021, along with advice for navigating the job search during this period of economic recovery.

Key Takeaways:
- Data-driven insights about the 2021 job market
- Understanding temporary and permanent impacts to industries
- How to use Indeed to find new opportunities

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*Comscore, Total Visits, March 2020
**Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2020

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Where did we leave off in 2020?
1:56 Employment and unemployment
2:59 Job postings on Indeed
4:52 Searching for remote jobs
8:49 Industry sectors impacted by the pandemic
13:53 Reset your expectations
15:31 Higher-wage job postings lag
17:54 Job postings lag in largest metros
19:23 Expand your job search parameters
20:40 What should we expect in 2021?
21:00 COVID-19 Containment
24:20 Politics and policy
26:50 Permanence of pandemic shifts
31:52 Next steps to find new opportunities
32:28 Explore careers
33:22 Update your resume on Indeed
34:37 Take advantage of timing
35:30 Automate your search
36:20 Avoid job scams
39:50 Your new year, new job checklist
41:40 Q&A
42:08 Q&A: For mature workers who were laid off, what training or certification trends do you recommend?
43:40 Q&A: What’s the job market like for mature workers who aren’t ready to retire?
46:53 Q&A: Which industries are expected to experience the most growth in 2021?
48:14 Q&A: How do you address real versus fake job postings on the site?
50:32 Q&A: Do you think employers are more willing to embrace remote workers than before?
53:33 More information

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