2021 CEO Summit - Relieving Employee Baggage with Dan Macklin, Anita Ward, and Salary Finance

Salary Finance offers pathways to financial wellbeing for employees across the globe by providing affordable employee loans, employee savings accounts, and a robust library of educational tools and resources to improve financial health.

At the 2021 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, Dan Macklin and Anita Ward discussed the impact of financial baggage on employee wellbeing, including mentally and physically, and the impact it can have on an employer’s viability. Anita shared a vulnerable story about her own financial journey and why she’s so passionate about financial health today before she and Dan shared sobering statistics, many of which illuminated the financial struggles that employees keep secret, to challenge employers to chart a course to financial wellbeing for their most valuable asset: their employees.

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The keynote was recorded at the 2021 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit on October 6, 2021 in Austin, TX. This annual, invitation-only gathering of CEOs, Presidents, and Founders, provides the opportunity for three days of in-depth, peer-to-peer sharing among Conscious Leaders. Nominate a Conscious Leader to attend: https://bit.ly/3pZjEjo

4:09 What Baggage do Employees Carry?
6:06 Anita’s Formative Financial Journey
9:47 Inside the Wallets of Working Americans
16:47 Creating Financial Inclusion
18:52 The Impact of 42% of Employees Feeling Financially Stressed
20:21 Taking Care of Your Employees: The Right Thing to Do (and Good for Your Bottom Line)
26:26 Dan and Anita’s Calls to Action

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