#20 - How NOT to quit your job: what ecologists and their employers should consider to help them sta


How NOT to quit your job: what you should consider before you leave and what managers should consider helping you stay. 
Quitting is hard, but for many of us we will do it at least once as part of our career journey. But how do you do it? There is no real guidebook or company policy or procedures, and there are few people you could talk with to discuss how to quit.
In this month's podcast Richard draws upon his 30+ years of experience, both as an employee and employer, to give an honest opinion of what an employee should consider before quitting and what employers should be doing to retain great people.
Employees should consider using their voice, examine their loyalty and explore alternatives; and employers must look at keeping extraordinary talent through open, honest, and frequent communication and support. 
What are your thoughts and experiences?
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