19 Real Estate Vocabulary Words on the Exam (Real Estate Practice)

The real estate exam will have vocabulary words from the Real Estate Practices section. So, here are 10 vocabulary words you should learn to help you pass the exam on your first attempt.
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00:00 - Real estate practice on the exam
00:14 - What is the MLS?
01:45 - What is CAR?
03:05 - What is NAR?
04:10 - What is the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act)
04:37 - What are Fiduciary Duties?
06:01 - What is a Listing Agent?
06:29 - What is a Buyer's Agent?
06:57 - What is a Selling Agent?
08:10 - What does FSBO mean?
09:57 - What is an SOI?
11:16 - What does pre-qualified mean?
12:10 - What does pre-approved mean?
13:30 - What is a Residential Purchase Agreement?
14:05 - What is a Residential Listing Agreement?
14:36 - What is Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell?
15:38 - What is Exclusive Agency?
17:00 - What is an Open Listing?
17:57 - What is Earnest Money Deposit?
21:23 - Quick and easy way to pass the real estate exam.

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