#19 - Dealing With Feedback

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Feedback and critiques are essential in the creative world, but that doesn't mean giving or receiving it is easy. Everyone, from seasoned professionals to first-year students, has to grapple with this aspect of our jobs, but you don't have to go it alone! In our next episode, we discuss our experiences with feedback, and give some helpful tips for ways to gracefully give and receive feedback in the professional world.

03:33 Why is feedback important?
08:01 Have you had experiences where it is hard/tricky to incorporate a note?
09:40 Have you ever left dailies confused about the notes you received?
13:55 What was the worst feedback you’ve ever been given?
24:30 What do you think about compliment sandwiches?
27:30 What is the best feedback you’ve ever received
30:57 Link to Garrett’s HTTYD3 Shot (00:14)
37:18 How do you receive feedback gracefully?
40:15 Dailies Role-Play for Funsies
49:34 How do you prepare for dailies?
54:00 Lessons from Therapy for Dailies
57:05 Has it gotten easier to receive feedback over the years?
1:04:50 What is it like to give feedback?
1:17:30 Paid Feedback Resources: Kyosil Link | Animation Focus Link
X:XX:XX So you got an approval, what happens next?
1:20:28 What if the director asks you to do something you don’t know how to do?
1:23:10 What if the director or anim supe asks you to do something you’ve already tried?
1:27:50 What about personal growth feedback like end of year, quarterly, end of show feedback?
1:34:33 Tip Jar

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