#15 The Automation and Human elements of HR

Yogina Shakya, is an HR Consultant at Dayone HR, a business transformation firm that helps companies around the world streamline their HR processes. She shares with us insights into the value of automating traditional HR duties, freeing up the role of HR into a more people-oriented role for building a productive workspace. She also speaks on key topics such as remote work, scaling work culture, the hiring process, employee reviews, and much more.

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Journey to Dayone HR
06:12 BPO vs Tech Companies
08:47 Benefits of Tech Knowledge for HR
14:03 Framework for Hiring applicants
17:47 First Screening Call
20:50 How to make multi-round assessment
23:40 Why we need teamwork
26:58 Automation of HR processes
33:10 Stereotypes in HR role
36:03 Cultivating company culture while scaling
41:03 How to keep employees happy
46:20 Countering the work is life mentality
49:59 Challenges and Benefits of remote work
55:40 How to prepare for remote working
1:00:44 Performance review of employees
1:05:50 How to reduce employee termination rate
1:10:43 Have you reviewed them after someone resigned?
1:13:03 HR 5 years ago compared to today
1:15:52 How to get started in HR career path
1:17:31 Outro

Host : Ravi Mandal


Guest: Yogina Shakya

TechKraft Inc

[email protected]
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