14 Reasons Businesses Fail (Part Two)

Reviews work incredibly well for businesses as they are used in evaluating results.

Constant review can help you if your business is still in mine with your initial goals or you have deviated. 

Apple CEO, Tim Cook said one you stop reviewing within the business, then the business will begin to fail. 

Review builds a system where you can track results, processes and how to improve the culture within the organisation.

Most entrepreneurs who don't have a review culture end up experiencing business collapse or a near failure symptoms. 

Without reviews you end up with a lot of system inefficiency, poor employee performance and unmet goals. 

This is why I always ask my clients to do a system and performance review at least once a month. 

Doing this will help you quickly recognize if there are any leagues that need a quick fix in the business. 

Your results in business is dependent in how often you make reviews to prevent failure 

And here are areas of your business you should review often 

1) Management Performance 

2) Sales and Marketing 

3) Customer Success 

4) Business goals and Vision 

5) Alignment to industry trends 

6) Product Performance 

There is nothing as powerful as a system that identifies failure a long way ahead and fixes it. 

If you would like to learn the step by step process in evaluating your business or building a system to prevent a business collapse. 

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