12 Things You Should & Shouldn't Order At A Cheap Restaurant

The special way to order bread? The right time to order specific foods? Here are tips and tricks for the next time you head out to an affordable restaurant.

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Don't order: Oysters and seafood | 0:00
Do order: A classic breakfast | 0:54
Don't order: Steak | 1:47
Do order: Seasonal ingredients | 2:57
Don't order: Eggs Benedict | 3:44
Do order: A loaf of bread | 4:27
Don't order: The salad bar | 5:26
Do order: À la carte | 6:19
Don't order: The daily special | 7:01
Do: Popular items | 7:53
Don't order: Certain takeout items | 8:53
Do order: Anything Not Pre-made | 10:00

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