12 Signs You're About To Get Laid Off!

12 Signs You're About To Get Laid Off! With layoffs (in particular in Tech) on the upswing, many people are getting caught off guard. And getting fired or experiencing a layoff is very traumatic. If you're worried, I created a video to cover some strong signs that your company has targeted you for a reduction in force.

0:00 - The current labor market
2:02 - Your company is going through turmoil
3:08 - You work in a non-critical job type
4:00 - Your department doesn’t add value
4:46 - Your work has been cut
5:28 - Skills aren’t differentiated
6:05 - You’re more expensive
6:48 - Not invited to meetings
7:13 - Your work is redistributed
8:22 - Other people could do your job
8:54 - Your performance is lacking
11:00 - You’ve scaled back
12:16 - Lacking visibility
13:05 - How to take action

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