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Got a Zoom job interview soon? Maximize your chances with Top 10 Tips from Voiceover Masterclass's Peter Baker!

Interviews via the InterNET, either live with someone or where you record to camera answers to some pre-sent questions are becoming much more mainstream, so as well as thinking about your actual responses for job or university interviews, you also need to boost your chances by covering all the practical and technical elements involved. Here at VoiceoverMasterclass.com, we have many courses on voice improvement, a course on the content of winning Job Interviews and even one on video presentation skills if you want to work in TV or present YouTube videos, but here are our Top 10 practical tips for online interview success!

Online Interview Tip #1 - CHECK THE BACKGROUND!
Find a quiet location, clear the clutter and make sure that there are no distracting objects behind you in shot or a nasty bright window or light. All eyes should be on YOU!

Online Interview Tip #2 - CHECK THE LIGHTING
Ideally, have a window in front of you to throw diffused daylight on your face. Close some curtains if you need to get rid of any harsh sunlight or set up a soft light on your face if at night.

Online Interview Tip #3- POSITION YOUR LAPTOP
Put the laptop or the webcam on a stable surface and prop it up with books or folders so your eyes are at the lens level – you don’t want to be looking down or up at the interviewer at the other end.

Online Interview Tip #4 - CHECK YOURSELF!
Happy with your clothing or hair style? Is what you’re going to wear appropriate to the company culture or dress code? Do you need powder on any shiny parts of your face?

Online Interview Tip #5 - INTERNET CONNECTION
Check you have a fast and stable internet connection – a wired broadband connection is better than WiFi to prevent video and audio drop out.

Get a Full HD or 1080 Webcam, they’re not expensive - avoid “720” versions or old fashioned Standard Definition cameras. You should be sharp in your replies as well as in your picture.

Online Interview Tip #7 - CLEAN YOUR CAMERA LENS!
So many people forget this! Webcam lenses can easily get smeary. Wipe the lens to maximize the picture clarity.

Online Interview Tip #8 - CHECK YOUR FRAMING
Don’t leave too much “headroom”. Your head should almost touch the top of frame and you should be in the centre. Look at news anchors on TV, frame yourself like them!

Whatever platform you’re using, find SETTINGS and make sure the right camera and microphone is selected. You’ll probably only have one camera, so that’s easy, but if you have a quality external microphone, you’ll want the platform system to select that good microphone and not the poor-quality internal laptop microphone or even the often-terrible quality microphone built-in any external webcam you may be using. By the way, if you’re using the laptop’s internal microphone – they are usually on the front edge of the device. Don’t cover it up by your notes or your hand.

Online Interview Tip #10 - DO PRACTICE RUNS!
You need to get a feel of talking to the camera and to see what you look like and sound like on a video screen. You can do practice Zoom calls with friends playing the parts of your interviewer and you can record the Zoom calls and play back, or if you’d like to record yourself in vision locally, go to https://www.cam-recorder.com using the Chrome browser.
Let it take control of your microphone and camera and ask a friend in the room to interview you, but you pretend they are online, so you can record your responses to camera on your own computer! Playback your answers and see if you could do better. Do it again – practice makes perfect!

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Check our courses out! I hope you’ve found all this useful! Good luck!

10 TIPS FOR ONLINE INTERVIEWS! http://www.VoiceoverMasterclass.com
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Got a Zoom job interview soon? Maximize your chances with Top 10 Tips from Voiceover Masterclass's Peter Baker!

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