10 Times Old Man Show He Is The Boss Of Squid Game

10 Times Old Man Show He Is The Boss Of Squid Game, The pessimistic Netflix series ends with a reassurance that the world isn’t just a kill-or-be-killed game. international hit series Squid Game is a devastating watch. The Korean deathmatch drama is easy to binge, with excellent pacing that makes the episodes melt into each other, but digesting its brutal insights on humanity’s capacity for homicide is much harder. In the show’s Battle Royale-inspired competition, players either kill or are killed for the chance to pay off immense debts. There isn’t some authoritarian state forcing them into homicide; these desperate people have volunteered, gambling their lives for about $38 million in U.S. dollars.

00:00 - intro
00:25 - Player 001
00:53 Red Light, Green Light
01:18 Star Shape
01:43 Dormitory Room
02:06 Tug Of War
02:31 Marble Game
03:07 No Player File

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