10 Spaced Reviews Over Time

Are you disappointed by the results from your ever-increasing training budget. Would you like to make your employee training two, three or even four times more effective?

Well in the next two minutes we will show you how.

No matter how good the training was or how well it was presented we forget 80% of what we have been taught within the first 24 hours.

And how many times are course notes filed away in a drawer somewhere. Or put on a dusty shelf never to see the light of day again?

The solution to improved retention has been known for a while now and it is called "Spaced Reviews Over Time"

The most effective method is 5 reviews over 6 months.

As we forget 80% of training in the first couple of days.   

The first review should be done after 24hrs.

The second after 1 week.

The third after 1 month.

The fourth after 3 months.

With the fifth and final review after 6 months.

The benefit of this is to implant new skills and knowledge into long term memory creating lifelong habits.

The challenge then is getting the individual trainees to follow up on the reviews themselves at the scheduled times.

At Novalead we provide a series of scheduled follow-up reviews by email for all our proprietary training courses to each attendee and their managers.

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