10 Signs Of The Wisdom of A True INFJ

10 Signs Of The Wisdom of A True INFJ. People run towards the INFJ to gain life-changing insights and words of wisdom. But how does one assume that INFJs are really wise rather than self-righteous? Here are ten signs of the wisdom of a true INFJ.

INFJs understand most people's perspectives without letting their subjective judgment, biases, prejudices, and emotions get in their way of thinking. They accept that there will always be two sides to a particular story, and everyone has the right to outline their reasons. Every personality type has its way of thinking, doing, and seeing things— which are most probably different than how they do. So, despite being the most intricate and misunderstood of the MBTI, INFJs manifest their wisdom by looking at the big picture before finalizing a decision. They believe that they have nothing to lose anyway if they evaluate each perspective first before concluding— instead, they will gain a clearer understanding of what made something happen.

INFJs can't attain a certain level of wisdom if not because of the habits they practice every day. As an INFJ, what other signs do you exhibit showing how wise you are? What advice can you give to self-righteous people?

00:00 INTRO
00:16 10 Remaining open to new experiences
01:11 09 Learning from their mistakes
02:07 08 Not assuming to be always right.
02:57 07 Not having a strong ego
03:57 06 Keen observers
05:01 05 They think and reflect.
05:52 04 They're always ready for a change.
06:54 03 Being less preoccupied with what the world thinks of them
07:43 02 They are calm, cool, and collected even during arguments.
08:33 01 Understanding nearly everyone's perspectives

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