#1 Key to Success in FTO, Business and Life - “LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH"

This one simple but powerful piece of advice has become a principle in my life that has propelled me to great success. If you listen and apply it as I have, I guarantee it will do the same for you!

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- Key to success in field training and life
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Two best pieces of advice I received in FTO


The context of original advice

The expansion of it in my life and career
Everyone you meet knows something you don’t

Fools think they know a lot.
How much do you know about _____?
No matter how much you know, someone knows something you don’t, and someone knows more
Wise people know that they don’t really KNOW anything

Recognize how your life has limited your knowledge, perspective, WISDOM.
Even the best parents don’t give us everything we need.
Personal responsibility
“That’s how I was raised in not acceptable for a grown adult.”

Confidence should come through facing hard challenges, overcoming some, failing in others, learning no matter what.

You can be confident, but always remember to love the one you’re with!

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